Thursday, October 2, 2008

From rice krispie treats to Russian tea cakes!

The coolest teacher in the world, my current math teacher, brought over some Russian tea cakes. I don't know exactly what makes them so Russian, but they were darn good. Everyone had a couple and I may have eaten about five or six. It's okay, my metabolism seems to be holding up so far.

The general vibe seemed pretty good until Ms. Carlin started taking pictures of Brian. Brian does not like his pictures to be taken. He said that when you get your picture taken it's like they're taking a picture of your soul. You know, there's part of me that agrees with that. In the past I would dislike it when someone would take my picture. I would really get pissed off when someone would take my picture without asking permission. Generally speaking, there ought to be some etiquette for taking pictures of others. Not everyone wants their pictures to be taken, and you ought to be asked if it's okay to get your picture taken. Now I really don't care if my picture gets taken by a group of friends randomly, but if I don't know you, I'm not sure what you're going to do with that picture.

In any case, the vibe was really doing well, then it went down. I had to take a little break from the rough energy so I started up my second pot of tea.

Today we had five or six pots of tea. Let me try and recall.

The first pot of tea was our Yerba Mate from Argentina infused with peppermint. I like this tea because it makes me feel high. You know?

The second pot of tea was a lychee nut flavored black tea. This is Sean Curry's new favorite tea. He loved it, Sean mothafuckin' Curry, this guy is the coolest cat on campus, no doubt. If you don't think so, I'll throw my body guard on you, that's Brian. You know, the Brian who will kick your ass if you take his picture. Hehe :)

Our third pot of tea was an oolong tea called Wenshan Baozhong. This tea is reminiscent of Jasmine tea. Jasmine has a very sweet, buttery, floral quality to it.

For the fourth, we did a re-infusion of the Wenshan Baozhong.

Oh, by the way, the lovely Ms. Kipp was in attendance. She's awesome. Actually she is the beautul Ms. Kipp.

The final and last pot was another shot of lychee flavored black tea.

1) Everyone gathers, people cheer for me when I bring out first pot of tea.
2) The lovely Ms. Kipp is in attendance, my energy gets happier.
3) Mr. P brings in Russian tea cakes, he's the coolest mf teacher on campus, ya heard?
4) Shaquille Sinclair is off his rocker, I love this kid.
5) Brian gets pissed off because Ms. Carlin tries to take his picture.
6) Sean Curry loves his tea so much. He was all dressed up in jeans and jean jacket. This kid is so boss, for reals.
7) New member, Chris, from my forensic science class, joins.
8) Kayla and Johnny Picarello were talking on their own picnic table, flirts, get a room.
9) By the end of the last pot, there was the most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen. It was a double rainbow, and it was the brightest I've ever seen.

Overall, I am quite pleased with attendance. The energy level was a bit up and down, to be expected... Brian doesn't believe in ... ahem... so that could be the reason for his aggression. I'm just kidding. Sean mothafuckin Curry, he's the man.

Listen everyone, it's been fun. Let's continue to enjoy this while it lasts and get more people to join. What it comes down to is that we all share the common thread of being humans. We share joy, we share suffering. The more we explore ourselves and accept all that we are and are not, the more we can connect with one another empathetically and compassionately. I'm about connecting with people and having people connect with themselves on a more conscious and universal level. I love my life and I am happy. Let's see where we can go with this.

One love,

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