Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And it grows

This past Thursday was yet another success. Mr. Phippen again came, requesting his cup of tea in his Miami Dolphins mug.

For Ms. Julia Carlin, it was her day of atonement. Happy New Year! Unfortunately she had to fast all day so her energy was pretty low.

Mr. Sinclair and I put on an acting skit in which no one really paid attention to. He took my girlfriend away from me. I was definitely jealous. Basically, as I acted, I told him that he could never give Natasha multiple orgasms the way that I do.

As usual, Mr. Sean MFC was in the house, as was the beautiful Ms. Kipp. Maddie cakes was in attendance, her usual charming self. She is such a sweetheart, what good energy she has. Max came in for a brief second, the handsome dread head gym rat.

Brian was again a part of this madness, but he never partakes in the tea ceremony. So, because he doesn't actually drink the tea, I always pass by him and ask him if he'd like more, and he says yes... I just pour the tiniest bit of tea right on the floor right next to him.

Allie came by, who is a new member. Natasha passed by as well...

We have been graced by the most beautiful couple on campus, Mason and Rose. Such beautiful people, really. Mr. Hilshire was not able to attend unfortunately.

Another successful day~

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