Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The truth has arrived

For the past couple of weeks, we, attendees of Columbia Greene Community College, have been a part of what would be deemed a revolution. In the hard times we go through emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and financially, young students from the Greene have taken it upon themselves to express their best selves in order to express the love energy.

Sit and drink tea with us, watch, you laugh but you'll be the one showing up the following session.

We've started with a few rules.

1)Invite fascinating human beings.
2)Each new person that joins the group is unique and interesting. Basically, have love for your neighbor.
3)Everyone has to bring their own cup.
4)We steep only loose tea, no tea bags. (no tea bagging allowed)
5)Everyone has their turn to bring food. (crumpets, scones, muffins, donuts etc...)

Madeline hooked it up with some Rice Krispie treats...
I did the tea bagging ceremony...
and love, laughter and joy ensued.


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professorp44 said...

Tuesday's tea party was copacetic, and the rice krispee treats hit the spot. I'll never by store-bought ones again. Really. Thursday is my turn to bring the crumpets. Since it's a tea party, I'll bring Russian Teacakes...which aren't cakes. They're cookies, and they'll be homemade. Really.