Thursday, October 9, 2008

Organic raisin oatmeal cookies from Tuesday!

made by Kaya and Ashley. They are these two beautiful women who come from the Germantown CSA farmer's deal, I don't know exactly what it is named. I've known Kaya since 2003 when I worked at Irving Farm, the local coffee house in Millerton. She would come and visit her friend Betaya and she would always give me such beautiful energy. Her smile, her presence, the way she walked and talked, she just exuded such knowing wisdom. Her gentle approach always struck me as being so wise and beyond. Her boyfriend at the time was willing to help me get a wood stove installed for my mother and I. We went through some pretty rough times in that old Victorian house. I moved out, now I live in my own studio.

These cookies had raisins, oatmeal bits, and organic goat's milk in them. They were so tasty.

Max, one of our newest people, is a tall African American guy with long beautiful dreads. At first he was like, "Yo man, I don't do tea". By the end of the tea party, he must have had like five or six cups.

Mr. Sinclair was in attendance, as was John P, Shelby, the beautiful Ms. Kipp, Ms. Carlin, the two Mikes.

Mr Phippen and Mr Hilshire stopped on by... Trevor and Madeline were there. Rose and Mason stopped by... Brian was there.

We had so many beautiful people. This group is really coming together. People are just being people and expressing themselves. I always thought that community colleges should be more community oriented. Maybe this is really happening, let's keep our fingers crossed.

Shelby is going to send me some pictures from this time, hopefully I will get them soon.

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