Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Subdued Tuesday, still a great day.

Our energy lacked a little today. That does not mean that it wasn't good enough, but it just seemed that people were a bit more relaxed and didn't have as much inspiration, for whatever reason.

Casandra was here, Maddie was around, John P, Mike, Shelby, the beautiful Ms. Kipp, Mr. Phippen, Sean MFC, myself, new additions Kate, James, and Ethan were on hand... Frances, another new addition was on hand. Rose and Mason, the most beautiful couple on campus were again a part of the scene.

The wonderful Ms. Carlin was able to take pictures and help document our experience. I am very grateful for all of her hard work.

Mr. Sinclair stopped for a hot second then went on his merry way. John P got us all some food which was such a sweet gesture. I am very grateful to him for giving the group some life. Sometimes just tea doesn't do it.

Our other Mike and Brian were not in attendance... Brian was sorely missed, that's for sure.

Everyone seemed really chill and relaxed.

What's really cool is that each time I get another pot of tea, I am greeted by the wonderful cafeteria workers. Sean, Maria, Pat, all of them are such amazing people. They always treat me with such love and such respect. If he sold me that hot water, Sean would be a rich man.

Every time that I make the journey to get another pot of tea, Sean Curry is always there to walk there and back with me. It's really nice because we're able to exchange something really nice... we're able to connect, check out the beautiful women on campus, talk about the interesting people that we come across, and just laugh. Just enjoying life.

The beautiful Ms. Kipp was on hand and that made me really happy, she came with me on the journey to get hot water for the tea today!

Here are some pictures, I hope that you all enjoy!

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